Samogitia region

Although Lithuania is quite a small country, the inhabitants eat differently in different ethnographic regions. Every guest that comes to our country soon notices that it is so miscellaneous. Different features of the Lithuanian culture and inheritance were formed by variable history of our country. The Samogitians who live in the North-West region are the biggest fans of porridges. Every Samogitian likes hemp meals and appreciates kastinys with cooked potatoes traditionally – no other nation of the world can make this originally fresh-spicy whipped sour cream meal. They bake bread, potato cake that is called kugel. They cook oat kissel, bake sophisticated cakes with berries, fruit, jam. Earlier, they cooked soup putra from different whipped corn flour products. Cooked peas with potatoes were popular, especially on Fridays, and they were served with sour milk or herring. Thus, if you come to Samogitia, you will see, feel, hear and experience everything bit by bit from different times and epochs.

Where to taste regional dishes?

Regional dishes