Cold Beet Soup

Cold Beet Soup



30 MIN.


The exotic appearance cold soup is coloured in a rose colour with marinated or boiled beetroot. It is believed that cold beetroot soup has been started to be eaten in Lithuania when there was no time to cook food. Liquid cold beetroot soup was made for mowers: vegetables - for vitamins, sour milk - to cool down, and water for thirst. For this reason, cold beetroot soup is an especially favourite spring and summer dish of Lithuanians. Served with cooked or fried potatoes.

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You will need

2 - cooked red beetroot
2 - fresh cucumbers
2 - hard boiled eggs
0.5 glass - sour cream
1 l - fermented milk or kefir
- Green dill
- spring onions
- salt
2 - potatoes

Dish cooking

Chop and pour cucumbers, spring onions and dill into a pot. Add a pinch of salt and rub with a pestle. Then grate the boiled beetroots and mix everything. Put the sour cream and mix it thoroughly. Add sour milk. If it is too thick – add milk. Finally, add the boiled and chopped eggs.

Served with hot cooked potatoes.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process