Dzukija region

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Specifics of culinary of Dzukija region is a lot of potatoes and dishes with mushroom which are abundantly found in forests. Inhabitants of the south-east Lithuania (dzukai), who live in the south-eastern region of Lithuania and have been growing buckwheat in their lands long time ago, make a lot of dishes from them, the most delicious cakes, known as regional ‘babka’ buns.

While living in the woodland, dzukai are unrivaled berry and mushroom pickers, and housewives of Dzukija region are the most thoughtful specialists for preparing mushroom and berry. People often make jokes that ‘if not mushrooms and berries, girls of Dzukija would be naked’. This is due to the fact that this land would be difficult to recognize without its loud songs, forests, mushrooms, berries and a beautiful landscape. The region is still called ‘the land of songs’.

The territory of Dzukija is sandy, soils are stony, so living here is not easy, and the farms are small. From ancient times, people have grown a lot from potatoes, buckwheat, rye and other cereals. Nutrition is more modest than in other areas of Lithuania. Due to the large number of forests and water bodies, it consumed a lot of mushrooms and fish, a lot of dairy products, vegetables, and less livestock products.

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