Sweet Mushrooms

Sweet Mushrooms



90 MIN.


Sweet mushrooms are associated with weddings or other important family events. They were especially liked by children due to their real-shaped mushroom form. A brown chocolate hat and white sugar glaze stalk are poured over on a baked gingerbread - a real boletus mushroom! Nice gingerbreads will create a festive mood on any table. Using natural products, the baked goods are tasty, fragrant, and the gingerbreads are long lasting without losing their taste.

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You will need

1 tbsp. of - butter
2 tbsp. of - sugar
500 ml - honey
- cloves
- cinnamon
- fragrant pepper
- powdered sugar
2 teaspoons - baking powder
4 - eggs
400 g - flour
- cacao
- poppy seeds

Dish cooking

Boil honey in a pot, add butter, sugar, pour flour, minced cloves, a little bit of cinnamon, minced flavored pepper.

Cook everything and stir. Mix thoroughly, leave to cool, add more flour mixed with baking powder, and knead.

Form the heads of mushrooms from the dough, place the stalks on a baking tin covered with butter and cook in a medium heat in the oven until it is beautifully browned. Put it into a bowl to cool.

For coat, shake the egg white with powdered sugar and glue the head with it on the stalk. Insert the bottom of the stalks into poppy seeds. When the stalks are dry, add cacao into the same coat, mix well and paint the heads of the mushrooms.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process