Salty fish

Salty fish




Inhabitants of seacoast and lakeside dried small fishes, and salted the bigger ones. Salted fishes were also smoked in hot smokes for fast consuming. Salted fishes were seasoned with pepper, laurel leaves, juniper berries, grinded cardamom grains. On the other day, brine was poured off, fish was strongly pressed and kept in cold conditions.

You will need

- fish (Bream, Roach, Sabre fish, Mackerel, Zanthe, Asp, Catfish)
- salt

Dish cooking

According to the experienced fishermen, the most delicious salted fish are Bream, Roach, Sabre fish, Mackerel, Zanthe, Asp or even Catfish. Also the winter is most suitable for fish salting.

You should use a coarse-grained salt for salting. The coarse-grained salt will remove the liquid from the fish meat.

Before salting, fish should be gutted and divided into smaller parts. When cutting, it is important not to damage the thin film that covers the fat layer of the abdomen. Therefore, it should be cut from the back.

Do not wash the fish and its fillets with water, but only drain with a napkin. After drying, the surface of the fish should be rubbed with salt so that as much salt as possible can be absorbed by the scale. Pour salt into the mouth and gills.

Put the salted fish in the prepared dish. Usually, in a week the fish is well salted.

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