Smoked flitch

Smoked flitch




Snow-white fats, pink crusty skin, aroma of a smoked product... The most important feature of them - the flitch of bacon must be the thickness of a good man's hand, or, as the people say, as six fingers. No nation in the world uses as many flitch of bacon as Lithuanians. From ancient times, ancient Lithuanians knew that bacon should not be smoked anyhow, and the result depends on the kind of wood and how long it is smoked, which healing herbs are chosen to finish smoking.

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You will need

- bacon flitch
- salt

Dish cooking

Rub the well-cooled bacon flitch with salt from all sides (10% of the weight of the meat). Then add salt once again to the dish with the bacon flitch. Flitch of bacon becomes salted in 2-3 weeks. During that period, turn them around often, pour them with brine to make it evenly salted and free from yellow stains.

Clean up the brined flitch, rinse with warm water, dry in a ventilated room, and only then smoke them. It is enough 2 weeks to smoke flitch.

Hang the flitch in the smoker so that the meat pieces do not touch each other. The more meat is hung, the better it smokes. Initially, add colder smoke, and then hotter, but it is important not to make the meat hot. Smoke steadily - day by day.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process