Potato pudding

Potato pudding



120 MIN.


The pride of traditional Lithuanian cuisine are potato puddings. The authentic dish of the slaughtering feast, which was produced with pride by the housewives of the Lithuanian villages, has been forgotten today. A frequent youngster has generally not tried or seen the process of production, how the filling made from potatoes and cracklings is poured into the pig's gut and put into the oven. An ancient dish is often called gourmet, since not everyone dares to taste it. The pudding is usually served with cracklings, as the second dish for lunch.

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You will need

500 g - potatoes
150 g - bacon flitch
- half onion
0.5 teaspoon of - marjoram or mint
- ground pepper
- pig intestines
- salt
- fats
- sour cream

Dish cooking

Grate the peeled off potatoes. Slice the bacon flitch finely and fry together with chopped onions. Pour the sauce on the prepared potatoes, add marjoram or mint, pepper, salt. Mix everything well.

Loosely stuff well-cleaned intestines rubbed with salt, chopped garlic, and washed once again with the prepared potato mass. Grease the baking tin with fat, add a little bit of water and put intestines in it, and puncture them in several places with a needle to avoid cracking.

Bake in medium heated oven until it is nicely browned, grease several times. Eat with cracklings.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process