Sorrel Soup with Barley

Sorrel Soup with Barley



100 MIN.


In the first place of the use of wild grasses for soups are wild sorrels. Inhabitants of Dzukija forests cooked sorrel soup for breakfast from early spring to mid-summer almost every day. The Samogitians and Lithuanians were the first to start growing sorrels in the garden. They called this sorrel soup rugstinyne. It was cooked with and without meat, but the main more serious ingredient in the soup was barley groats or potatoes. If it was cooked without meat, it was added hard-boiled eggs and then sour cream.

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You will need

1.5 l - water
200 g - chicken bones
50 g - butter
3 tbsp. of - barley grits
100 ml - milk
2 - eggs
1 - carrot
- onion
- parsley
- salt
200 g - sorrel
1 - potatoes

Dish cooking

Put chicken bones into water and cook in broth together with vegetables: carrots, onions, and parsley leaves.

Chop the washed sorrels and stew with a little broth, a spoonful of butter and salt.

Sieve the broth, add the stewed sorrel, add a spoonful of barley and pour some milk.

Boil hard eggs separately, slice them before eating, put them into the plates, and pour the sorrel soup on them.

Served with hot cooked potatoes.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process