Suvalkija region

Introduction: Suvalkija (Sūduva) is a region located in the south-southwestern part of Lithuania (without Lazdijai district). The wide variety of dishes – from Lithuanian sausage (skilandis) to putra – could be seen on the dining table of the inhabitants of Suvalkija region. A large part of the country's specialties – exceptionally tasting smoked meat, potato dumplings, potato sausages and other – later spread in Lithuania, as well as a dialect of Suvalkija region which became a common language.

In Suvalkija region, the potato pancakes "bandos" on a dried cabbage leaf were among the most popular dishes. The housewives baked this simple meal in an oven. After the serfdom people gradually began to have better lives and there was an opportunity to eat more varied and better food. The fashion to drink tea, coffee with bread and butter or fried eggs, instead of soup or porridge during breakfast was taken from the landowners.

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