Sweet curd cheese

Sweet curd cheese



180 MIN.


A dairy product, remaining fresh the longest of all dairy products is cheese. Nowadays, it is also made from goat and cow milk. A considerable number of cheese production were invented in Lithuania, two of which are the most popular – made of sour and sweet milk. A bit laterer is a second way, when whole milk was heated on a mild fire, and then filled with the same amount of curdled milk. The curdled mass was poured into a cheese-bag, drained and pressed. Sweet cheese was eaten fresh or slightly dried - they did not have a long shelf life.

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You will need

5 l - milk
1 kg - curd

Dish cooking

Boil 5 liters of milk.

Add 1 kg of fermented curd cheese into hot, almost boiling sweet milk. Stir continuously until the heated milk is set.

Then remove the pot from the fire and keep the curd in the whey until it cools. Remove the curd cheese from the whey, put in a moistened cheese-cloth and press. Cheese is consumed only fresh.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process