Sauercrout soup with smoked ribs

Sauercrout soup with smoked ribs



100 MIN.


Cooking historians believe that cabbage came to Lithuania in the 13th century with the crusaders. The army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania prevented food shortages and diseases precisely because of the cabbages, especially in cold seasons. Later, the cabbage was a common ingredient in daily ration, it was used event in feasts ritual dishes. Sauerkraut soup with smoked ribbons has become a food-symbol. In Dzukija, Samogitia, hot sauerkraut soup, brought to the table during the wedding still means that the wedding is over.

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You will need

200 g - sauercrout cabbage
150 g - ribs
1 - carrots
1 - onion
- pepper
- bay leaf
- salt
2 л - water
1 - potatoes

Dish cooking

Place smoked ribs and sauerkraut into a pot and cook for about 1 hour. When foam appears, skim it.

When the soup is almost ready, add chopped onion, pepper, bay leaves, grated carrots, add salt and boil for 15 minutes.

Served with hot cooked potatoes.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process