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Kvass is related to beer. It is a fresh drink produced by fermentation of yeast and sugar. The first Lithuanian recipes were written in the sixteenth century. It turns out that it was liked by the Lithuanian nobles. Cooking specialists count up to 100 recipes for this drink. Kvass drinks are made not only of cereal malt, bread, beets, but also milk, honey, fruits, berries, petals, buds, cakes, seeds, juniper berries, etc. At the moment, the most popular is bread kvass, tinned from bread crust, fresh or dried bread.

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You will need

450 g - black bread
25 g - yeast
200 g - sugar
- raisins
- water

Dish cooking

Slice the black bread and put in the oven for 10 minutes – bake until the bread is burned. Then, put the baked bread into a bowl and pour it with boiled, but slightly cooled water (the right temperature is about 50 degrees).

Rub out the yeast with sugar and put into a bowl with water and bread. Stir everything. Then add raisins.

Leave the mixed kvass at room temperature to ferment. After a day, strain it off and place it in the refrigerator to avoid excessive fermentation.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process