Aukstaitija region

Aukstaitija is the largest region in Lithuania and occupies the eastern and the north-eastern part of Lithuania. The nature of Aukstaitija itself has been dictating not only the main activities, entertainment of local citizens but also the diversity of dishes. Fosterers of the culinary heritage say that people of Aukstaitija used to eat at all times what they gathered in forests or fished in the lakes of the surrounding area.

The land has always been famous for its flourish dishes, which are served with a variety of sweet and not sweet sauces, dressings. No other region cooked dumplings, (Lith. skryliai) or baked pancakes so often. Donuts and deep fried pastry strips (Lith. zagareliai) are known and popular desserts of Aukstaitija throughout Lithuania. The region of Aukstaitija is hardly conceivable without beer. Inhabitants of Aukstaitija know well how to prepare meat with fermented cabbage. In addition to that, they used to cook beetroot soup or very original beer soups. They are famous for apple or berry-made wine. Hospitable highlanders will always take care of their guest – they will bake pancakes, cut off homemade bread and white cheese with cowberry jam, treat to mead, and then offer a calm relaxation in a secluded hut surrounded by forests.

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