Stuffed Potato-meat Dumplings

Stuffed Potato-meat Dumplings



180 MIN.


The most popular potato dish in Lithuania are stuffed potato dumplings or zeppelins. Why such a name? The researchers of Lithuanian dishes claim that just at the time when light gas-filled air machines - zeppelins appeared in Lithuania, stuffed potato dumplings with meat or cottage cheese also appeared.
It is a very satiating meal. As soon as Lithuanian housewives are about to cook zeppelins, they produce a lot of them for a few days. Meat is added on the potato disc of dough, which is hidden when the palms are closed. The zeppelins are traditionally cooked during the cool season, when the basements are full of fresh, delicious potatoes.

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You will need

1 kg - raw potatoes
2 - boiled potatoes
- salt
350 g - pork or beef
1 - onion
- pepper
100 g - flitch of bacon
50 g - smoked flank
2 l - water
- oil
- sour cream

Dish cooking

Grate the peeled-off potatoes and strain-off. Do not pour out the liquid, but wait until the starch sinks. Then pour out the liquid and put the starch into the grated potatoes. Grind boiled potatoes. Then mix grated and boiled potatoes, starch, salt and pound well.

Dumplings are cooked with various filling: smoked ham, greaves, mushrooms, curd, but the most popular is meat filling. So grind the meat, add the fried onion, some pepper and salt. Then pound everything.

Take about 100 g dough and make thin pancakes, put a spoonful of filling, squeeze the edges well and form elongated buns. Put them into the boiling salted water and cook carefully stirring for 30 minutes.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process