Heart-shaped pancakes

Heart-shaped pancakes



30 MIN.


The Lithuanians from the region of Lithuania Minor took the custom to fry heart-shaped pancakes from the Germans more than 100 years ago, and called them "Waffles". Written sources say that this dish was created in the Rhine region in the Middle Ages as soon as special pans appeared with a honeycomb-shaped ornament. The Lithuanians fried these pancakes for afternoon snack, for dinner and served with jam, ate them with "kafija" beverage (coffee) or "tija" (tea). Currently pancakes are baked in the whole Lithuania and are called heart-shaped pancakes.

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You will need

200 g - flour
200 g - sour cream
100 g - sugar
100 g - butter
3 - eggs
10 g - vanilla sugar
- salt

Dish cooking

Whip up the eggs. Stir flour, sour cream, sugar and melted butter. Mix everything well.

Heat the frying pan, and apply fat on it.

Heat the frying pan with a bit of fat, add one tablespoon of the mixture and bake it until it is beautifully browned. Serve it with sour cream and the desired jam.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process