Samogitian banda

Samogitian banda



150 MIN.


Samogitian banda - in a grated potato pancake baked on a dried cabbage leaves. The baked loaves are torn, put into a clay pot, poured with crackling sauce, sour cream and pushed for another half an hour into the oven. After the serving, each member of the family tears out a part of the bun and dips it into a sauce of cracklings, sour cream and butter. These buns are eaten with darycinis, i.e. cottage cheese and cream sauce.

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You will need

10 - raw potatoes
1 - cabbage
- salt
1 tbsp. - sour cream, or kefir
- fats

Dish cooking

Grate potatoes, strain off part of the grated mass, and, if the potatoes are less starchy, pour a little bit of starch, and add salt.

Pour the mass on cabbage leaves and make it even and up to 2 fingers thick.

Bake for about 1 hour in a medium-heated oven. Tear off the buns after taking out, put them in a clay or cast iron pot, pour it with diced and fried flitch of bacon, sour cream and leave for an additional half an hour in the oven.

Also, it is possible to put hot buns on top of each other on the cloth. Each member of the family then toss out a part of the bun and dips into a sauce of sour cream and fried flitch of bacon or butter sauce. These buns are also eaten with curd and cream sauce.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process