Tree cake

Tree cake



240 MIN.


Tree cake – is a high and empty conditery bakery, which is baked on a rotary broach by pouring thin layers of dough. The tree cake came to Lithuania from Germany at the end of the nineteenth century, and it became popular in the whole region of Suvalkija. It was begun to be baked in parsonages and monasteries. A tree cake has been an integral part of the Lithuanian festive table since ancient times. The specialty is in the appearance and taste of a tree cake. When you make a cross-section, you can count how many dough layers have been added. The cooked cake can last for a year without losing its shape or taste. The long expiration term determines the popularity of the tree cake in the global market as well.

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You will need

36 - eggs
1 kg - sugar
1.3 kg - flour
1 kg - butter
3 glasses off - sour cream

Dish cooking

Stir the butter with sugar with a wooden spoon in a large clay bowl. Add eggs one by one, add a spoon of sour cream until all eggs and sour cream are used. Then add flour. And mix everything well.

The tree cake should be baked in front of the fire, on a wooden or metal slightly thinning roller. Cover it with a cloth or baking sheet and place it on two racks to rotate.

At the bottom, place a baking tin to collect the fallen dough. Fire the furnace with ash tree or birch firewood. Continually rolling the roller slowly pour the dough onto it. After pouring the first layer, bake the dough until it's yellowish, then pour another layer of dough and so on.

Hold the baked tree cake for about an hour on the roller and then take it off the fire to cool down and only not less than 1 hour later the dough can be removed from the ends of the roller and the tree cake can be taken off.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process