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Most of the Lithuanian traditional desserts, among which zagareliai are the heritage of the noble cuisine. Shaped zagareliai are baked in Lithuania for quite a long time and often have a nostalgic shade - mum or grandmother's childhood cookies. Highlanders were the first who started to fry the first zagareliai, then the rest of Lithuanians. They were made from yeast dough; it is rolled out and zagareliai are formed. Fried in oil, so it is a quite fatty dessert.

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You will need

1 glass of - sour cream
0.5 glass of - sugar
3 - eggs
2 glasses of - flour
- powdered sugar
30 g - yeast
- some salt
- fat for cooking
- butter

Dish cooking

Mix and knead all the products, leave for an hour in a warm place to rise. Sprinkle the flour on the table and roll the dough in sheets.

Cut the dough sheets into oblong squares. Cut them in the middle and insert one corner of the dough through the incision, turn it over and twist. Put into boiling fats or oil and cook. After cooking put on linen cloth and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process