Herring with boletus

Herring with boletus



30 MIN.


For supper at Christmas Eve, various edible fish and vegetarian foods - mushrooms, cooked wheat, beans, and kissel were given. Probably from here a dish of two products - herring with boletus was born. It is important to use herring with head, tail and all bones, as it is a guarantee of freshness and good taste. Dressed herring is cut into pieces. Dried mushrooms must be soaked and pre-cooked. The most important moment – the fragrant, juicy boletus are cut into strips, in no way minced for the aesthetic image.

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You will need

3 - herrings
100 g - dried boletus
1 - onion
50 ml - oil
pinch of - black pepper
1 l - water

Dish cooking

Clean the herring – peel it, remove the bones. If herring is strongly salted, dip it for 1 hour into milk or water. Cut into small pieces.

Wash the dried boletus and boil. Strain them off, rinse and grind with a large-grated mash.

Fry the onion in oil and add minced mushrooms, minced pepper, stew the mass for a few more minutes, cool it down.

Put a layer of herring into a special bowl for herring, lay the mushroom mass on top.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process