Ashberry and raspberry leaf tea

Ashberry and raspberry leaf tea



120 MIN.


For a long time, green or black tea, which reached Lithuania in the 17th century, was considered a noble pleasure. Only in the 19th century tea was started to drink in Lithuania Minor, in bigger Lithuanian towns and manors. Peasants and inhabitants of small towns drank bought teas rarely, only with special guests or on bigger events. The desire to have the urban tea forced women to look for local substitutes, they began to collect various herbs, berries, fruit and berry leaves. Tea in Lithuania is still made from lime blossoms, caraway seeds, chamomile, raspberries, thyme, oregano, mint, St. John's-wort, etc.

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You will need

2 teaspoons of - dried ashberry leaves
2 teaspoons of - crushed raspberry leaves
1 tbsp. of - honey
1 l - water

Dish cooking

Pour 2 teaspoons of dried ashberry leaves and crushed raspberry leaves with boiling water, filter it after a couple of hours and add a spoon of honey.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process