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Gingerbreads are typical medieval sweeties that are used a lot of spices to add flavour, the amount and types of which determine the taste of the gingerbreads. Sometimes the gingerbread dough is fermented, and, earlier, for important occasions, the dough has been fermented for several or even a dozen years. Gingerbreads are also characterized by the fact that if kept for a long time, do not lose their taste, even become more delicious. Gingerbreads are sweetened with honey, so ordinary people of Lithuania could taste them. However, their mass production and consumption, covering the inhabitants of all social levels in villages and towns, is most closely linked to the tradition of a church festival.

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You will need

3 glasses of - honey
50 g - spirit
0.5 glasses of - orange peel
teaspoon of - cloves
- ginger
- flavored pepper
- cinnamon
5 glasses of - rye flour

Dish cooking

Take 3 glasses of honey and boil it until it gets redish. Then remove it from heat and slowly mixing, add 50 g of spirit, but be careful not to burn.

Add half a glass of cooked and finely chopped orange peel, half a teaspoon of cloves, ginger, flavored pepper and cinnamon. When the mix is ready, pour 4 or 5 glasses of rye flour with hot honey. Mix the dough and leave to cool.

Roll the dough of honey thickly - around the thickness of the finger and shape the gingerbreads.

Place in a form covered with paper and put them to a 220-degree oven for 13 minutes.

Cool the baked gingerbreads in a metal box, otherwise they will lose their moisture and become solid as if they were wooden.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process