Fried white cheese

Fried white cheese



210 MIN.


The history of cheeses started very long time ago. In our country, unripened cottage cheese is made from cow’s milk. Today, fried white cheese is popular in Lithuania, which has a delicate, unusual taste due to the use of various herbal mixtures for frying.

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You will need

100 g - butter
0.5 teaspoon of - fragrant pepper
1 a spoon of - caraway seeds
- tarragon
- garlic
- salt
- Cheese

Dish cooking

Cover the curd cheese with warmed butter, sprinkle with pepper, crushed tarragon, caraway seeds, and garlic. Leave to stay still for 2 hours to spice up.

Put cheese in a pan, bake in medium heated furnace until it is brown and tender.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process