Stuffed fish

Stuffed fish



150 MIN.


Some centuries ago, Lithuanians liked to cook leveres: fish skin was stuffed with fish meat, caviar, milkshake... then boiled. Earlier, a bigger fish was stuffed with smaller one or fish waste. The decoration of the dish gave exceptionality. Such a "lord king", laid on a long plate, often decorated the tables during holidays, creating a great aesthetic view.

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You will need

1 - egg
0.5 glass of - milk
- pepper
- a half of onion
1.5 tablespoon of - butter
slice of - cake
1 - lemon
1 - carp
- a little salt

Dish cooking

Peel off the fish and rinse it. Cut the skin around the head and carefully take it all off.

Stuffing: Fillet of the same fish, milk-soaked cake and chopped onion fried in butter, then add an egg, pour some milk. Mix everything well. Stuff the fish skin and sew it.

Cover the baking tin with paper and spread the butter. Put the fish and cook in 150 degrees for 60 minutes. Cool the fish and carefully put it into a deep, oblong plate. Decorate with sliced lemons.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process