Shank with stewed cabbage

Shank with stewed cabbage



400 MIN.


Production of this Northern Samogitian typical region dish of sauerkraut, stewed with a heel (shank) takes much time. Some housewives prepare it for a few days. Pork for this dish must be fresh or smoked (smoked boils longer). For one medium sized heel, 3 litres of sauerkraut are enough. Cabbage added into the boiled meat broth is cooked on low heat. It is best to cook in a rustic furnace, gradually allowing the fermentation. Like the sauerkraut soup, the dish is the most delicious on the next day. It is a greasy, satiating food suitable for the cold season.

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You will need

1 - smoked pig shank
3 l - sauerkraut
- pepper
- salt
- oil
- water
- bay leaves

Dish cooking

Place the shank into a pot with seasoned and salted water and cook for about a couple of hours.

Both sauerkraut and fresh cabbage can be used for the dish. If the shank is steamed with sauerkraut, put them in a pot, add oil and stew. Season with spices.

Hold it for a few hours to get the liquid out (best to leave overnight), and then put in a pot, add water and stew. At the end pour some oil, and stew for a while.

Served with hot cooked potatoes.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process