White curd cheese

White curd cheese



240 MIN.


The Lithuanian cottage cheese is called unripped curd cheese, made in an ancient way, when milk is curdled using only lactic acid bacteria instead of enzymes. A considerable number of cheese production ways were invented in Lithuania, two of which are the most popular – from sour and sweet milk. It was needed a talent to compress a good, delicious cheese, and the owner of such cheese was especially respected. Cheese still remains a symbol of feastiness, as it is still said: I press the cheese and wait for the guests.

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You will need

10 l - milk
a pinch of - salt
a pinch of - cumin

Dish cooking

Leave the milk to ferment in a warm place. You can add buttermilk to lean milk, it will make the curd softer. Preheat the fermented milk. Pour off the resulting whey.

Add pinch of salt to the curd, scalded and drained caraway seeds, stir well and place in a wet cheese-bag. Press cheese for 2-3 hours.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process