Bread with chopped flitch of bacon

Bread with chopped flitch of bacon



1000 MIN.


Bread is like a living creature: it is necessary to communicate with it, to say: "Have you already fermented, are you ready to go to the oven?" Bread is one of the most expensive products of culinary heritage, requiring a lot of attentive work. Bread flavoured with cracklings was baked by women of Lithuania Minor. In other regions, the bread with cracklings filling was often baked from the grated dough - a small round loaf for children.

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You will need

4 kg - rye flour
2 l - Water
- sourdough starter
300 g - salted flitch of bacon
- salt

Dish cooking

Pour boiling water on a third of the flour and mix it regularly to cool. Add the liquid sourdough starter, stir, sprinkle with flour and leave it warmly from 10 to 12 hours to rise.

In the morning add the salt, the remaining flour - knead everything very well and leave to rise. When the bread starts to rise, light the oven. When the oven is ready, sweep out coals and ash. Forma loaf and prick up with chopped flitch of bacon. Bake in a baking tin-plate laid with cabbage leaves for 2 hours. Moisten a hot loaf with cold water.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process