Vilnius region

Vilnius region


About the route

The duration of the 26-kilometre route in the Vilnius County is around 7 hours.

A delicious sakotis, gingerbreads and other culinary heritage dishes are served in the surroundings of the Vilnius region. You can eat just baked sakotis and watch the whole process of its production in Balsiai.

Three different kinds of pancakes, Lithuanian traditional soups and Lithuanian potato-meat dumplings are produced in one of the capital’s places. They are called as cepelinai in Lithuania. The production of these traditional Lithuanian dishes can be demonstrated during educational programs.

Gingerbreads are baked 5 minutes away from this place. They are popular from the interwar period. Gingerbread bakers, located in the centre of Vilnius, gratefully invite to the educational training for these baked goods. Everyone is welcome to get acquainted with the sweet and culinary history of the city, especially when it comes to the culinary heritage.

The feast of the route is crowned by succulent and delicious, Lithuanian stuffed cabbage (balandeliai) from the village of Nemezis, certified by the national heritage. The educational program for this dish will not leave anyone indifferent. You will spend memorable and nourishable time.


Sakotis. Balsiai, Vilnius

Place: Babinių g. 71, LT-08428, Vilnius
Duration:30 min.


Sakotis, born in Bliukiskes village, has a very long history. The producer’s mother told that her family received the best recipe from the neighbouring village housewife. A grandmother has started to bake sakotis after having a family - mostly for relatives’ weddings. All the daughters of the family helped to make the dough and then to roll the roller, they heated the oven with birch firewood. The unique recipe for sakotis was born 120 years ago in the Suduva region and was handed over to the family women from generation to generation. This is the pride of the whole family - this sakotis baked in Balsiai was evaluated by experts and has a Lithuanian National Heritage Certificate.

17 km

Traditional Lithuanian foods. Vilnius

Place: Gedimino pr. 19, LT-01103, Vilnius
Duration:1 h.


An exclusive producer of traditional Lithuanian dishes in Vilnius is proud of 43 national heritage dishes in the recipe book. These dishes are made by the hands of hard-working housewives, with love, from local raw materials according to authentic recipes and technologies stored for more than a century. Certified dishes of this producer in Kaunas area are the following: cold beetroot soup, herring with boletus, sauercrout soup with boletus, Lithuanian beetroot soup with boletus, Lithuanian potato-meat dumplings, potato pancakes, potato pudding in sausage skin, smashed peas, buckwheat pancakes, heart-shaped pancakes, mushroom shaped gingerbreads, kvass, acorn coffee and tea.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ”Traditional Lithuanian Foods”
getting acquainted with Lithuanian culinary and cultural peculiarities, preparation of dishes and eating.

Duration depends on selected dish / dishes.                

Language: Lithuanian.

Seasonality: all year round.

More about the object you will find in project implementer website.

2.7 km

Gingerbreads. Vilnius

Place: Pylimo g. 43, LT-01308, Vilnius
Duration:1 h. 30 min.


Gingerbread producers cultivate the old traditions of the Vilnius region in the baking of gingerbread and piernikas (gingerbreads of Vilnius region) - they took over the old recipes of these products from their mothers. Gingerbreads are made from natural honey and butter according to the centennial recipe, therefore they are certified and marked with a national heritage label.


Activities: getting acquainted with the history of gingerbread, making gingerbread, kneading dough, baking, decorating and tasting.

The duration of the training is 1-1.5 hours.

The trainings are being held in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian in Vilnius.

Seasonality: all year round.

More about the object you will find in project implementer website.

8 km

Balandeliai (Lithuanian stuffed cabbage). Nemezis, Vilnius dist.

Place: Totorių g. 4, Nemėžio k., LT-13263, Vilniaus r.
Duration:1 h.


The descendants of the Lithuanian Tatar culinary heritage tradition can be considered as a large Tartar settlement populated in the district of Vilnius, Nemezis village. The community has certified over 10 culinary heritage dishes. One of them is the Lithuanian stuffed cabbage. Traditionally, Lithuania has received a very good evaluation of the tradition fostering.

Educational program for certified culinary heritage products

Activities: getting acquainted with Tatar dishes, their history, cooking, tasting feast.

Duration of training: depends on the amount of people.

The trainings are being held in Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, Turkish, Tatar.

Seasonality: all year round.

More about the object you will find in project implementer website.

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