Stuffed Lithuanian sausage (skilandis) is one of the earliest documented Lithuanian food products. In the documents of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, it was first mentioned in 1506. Lithuanian sausage is pieces of salted pork stuffed into the stomach. This sausage from the old days was saved for the summer time, and served to guests on various occasions. The sausage has acidic, spicy, salty taste, and the specific taste and aroma of aging and drying.

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You will need

5 kg - meat
1 kg - bacon flitch
130 g - salt
- black and fragrant pepper
- garlic
- pig stomach

Dish cooking

Skilandis can be made from pieces of meat, cut in small and big pieces. Slice the bacon flitch into oblong or large quadrangular pieces. The best way to make skilandis is from medium-sized pieces of meat.

After kneading meat and adding spices, put the meat into a well-cleaned and slightly salted pig bladder. Try to stuff hard to avoid empty spaces and puncture with a needle.

Then fasten and hang up. Leave hanging for 4-7 days - depending on the size of skilandis. After that, smoke for 2-3 weeks in cold smoke.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process