Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes



80 MIN.


Potato pancakes appeared when Lithuanians began to grow potatoes. These pancakes were usually made from grated or mashed potatoes. The rules of baking potato pancakes were the same as for regular pancakes, i.e. the pancakes were to be made with yeast, baked throughout the size of the pan, "be large and round like the sun." Traditionally, they were served with chicken cracklings or cowberries jam.

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You will need

8 - potatoes
2 - eggs
0.5 glass of - milk
70 g - bacon
- salt
- pepper
- sour cream

Dish cooking

Grate the potatoes, rack off, pour hot milk, add eggs, salt and stir well.

Slice bacon flitch into small pieces and fry on both sides. Then pour into the prepared potato mixture and fry in a pan.

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This dish is made according to a certified National Heritage Product recipe showing its cooking process